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Please take 30 min. of your life to enjoy this (above) that is just BEYOND BREATHTAKING! We are really excited to show off Kanye West’s latest mini-film. Kanye West premiered his “Runaway” short-film on MTV. The 35-minute footage soundtrack features five songs from the rapper’s upcoming CD, including “All of the Lights” (feat. Rihanna) & of course a giant MJ’s head is also featured on the film.

Really inspiring and absolutely, a beautiful work.



Swoon Éphémère

We are very excited to you Swoon Éphémère, the latest film of Andre Yang in collaboration w/Ramón J. Goñi & featured models: Maxim Knox & Kyle Parsons. This film also features the masterful work of doll designer Andrew Yang, better known as “The Kouklitas” . It premiered on the award-winning fashion film website

We are CRAZY about this. Don’t forget to watch below. Enjoy!


Director of Photography: Sasha D. Burdett
Executive Producer: Ramón J. Goñi
Producer: Susan Locht
Original Music: John Magee
Producer: Erin Barra
Editor: Ramón J. Goñi
Photography Assistant DP: Alexandra Diracles
Prop Stylist: Joseph Lucius
Hair & Makeup: Christine Cherbonnier
Production Assistant: Kelsea Doerrer


Check out “We Are Handsome’s” AMAZING sneak peek for Spring/Summer 2011 . (above) New Designs, New Styles, New Season.

Can’t wait for the full version. POGO!

Directed by: Neale Irwin
Shot by: Sebastian Kriete, Toby Caves, Jeremy Somers
Models: Laura Midalia, Jonathan Field
Makeup & Hair: Rachel Montgomery
Music: The Black Kids (Twelves Remix)




Shot on location in Brooklyn by Mario Sorrenti and featuring Russian Supermodel Natasha Poly, City Of God. Inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky & his films “El Topo and The Holy Mountain”, Mario Sorrenti talks about his work:

When I saw them,” says Mario Sorrenti, “I was inspired not only to reference them in a fashion story, but they also made me want to make films one day. The imagery is amazing, and his commentary on society, religion, politics, and art is something that is still relevant today.”

& of course we noticed some Jeremy Scott and Viktor & Rolf’s pieces!



So we present you our latest muse for style, we are huge fans of The Dead Weather (the band) and the combination of machine guns, amazing music, Jack White, and the purely love/hate relationship that is shown is this video.

The video is also a short film, that express everything we strive for on our daily basis. There’s something about the facial expressions, body language, and the way that both White and Alison Mosshart are walking that made us be obsessed with this video.  Now if we could only find ourselves a machine gun!

Check out this awesome video (below):

It’s like Whitestripes REINVENTED! POGO!


Inspired by the Tour de France, Thom Browne bring us: Moncler Gamme Bleu Spring/Summer 2k11 Men’s Collection Runway show in MILAN FASHION WEEK. The clothes are INCREDIBLY FANTASTIC, from leggings and cycling fitted shorts to snug jackets, heat is one thing to avoid for the Moncler Gamme Bleu man come next season. The color palette & patterns were actually pretty NICE too.

Nice job Thom Browne! POGO!

Don’t forget to CHECK OUT (below) this AMAZING runway show:

& of course photos from the Fashion Show:

Much Love! Xo


Hell YEAH!

This year’s ELLE Magazine’s July Cover Girl is Rihanna & yes we are so excited about this. Of course RiRi’s looking beyond BEAUTIFUL in the well known magazine’s shoot & here are some of the HIGHLIGHTS of her interview with ELLE:

On the album art for Rated R: “I wanted pictures that represented strength and fearlessness but still femininity—a strong woman who can be vulnerable. Every woman is made up of vulnerability and strength; no matter what race you are, no matter what you’ve been through in your life. Every woman has that strength that is undeniable, but we also have really big hearts. It’s just us.”

On her new man: “I have a boyfriend. I’m so happy. I feel really comfortable, and it’s so easy. I have such a chaotic life, but at the end of the day, that is just my peace. It keeps me sane, really, talking to him and talking to my family.”

On designers she admires: “It’s clear there are definitely fewer black women in the high-fashion industry. One of the things I respected most about Gucci was that they did a print campaign with me. I’m a black girl on a fashion spread for Gucci—that was a big deal. I respect designers who aren’t afraid to go outside the box. I went to a Jean Paul Gaultier show, and I saw girls who are thicker than me, beautiful and voluptuous and different ethnicities. That made me so excited. I thought, Okay, I can work that, for sure.”

On the past year: “A year ago, I was very confused. Because he was my best friend. All of a sudden, one night changed our whole lives—not only our friendship, but our lives. I wanted to wake up one day and just not have that pain anymore. I wanted to be with him again or get over him—it was either-or. I just didn’t want to feel the pain, the confusion.”

& don’t forget to CHECK OUT an exclusive video clip from behind the scenes.

POGO! Much love RiRi.

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